1. Strengths

This ad has many strengths. It has great photos of people that are both visually and emotionally stimulating. It’s a silent video with text on each frame, unless you click on it then harmonious music will play in the background. There’s minimal text in the post itself, so as to not distract from the video. 


2. Weaknesses

It’s difficult to find many weaknesses in this ad, however, one thing I noticed was in some of the slides, it’s slightly difficult to read the words. The words are in a bright pink color, which does stand out, but in some pictures it does not pop out enough to be easily readable. For example, in the slide with the text, “For those who warm out hearts” the picture interferes with the words a little. The text looks best when it’s against a white background like in the frame “who brighten the world around us.” It could be good to put some kind of white box around the text.


3. What is the ad trying to accomplish?

The goal of the ad is to inspire gratitude in people and appreciation towards others. It’s other purpose is of course to get people interested in the church. 

4. How has the ad used design principles?

All of the images in the post have composition. They are great pictures and pleasing to the eye. The rule of 3rds is used in most of them. Some photos have the content completely centered. All of the pictures also show contrast between light and dark, especially the pictures below. The picture that says “To Give” uses lines through the glasses’ frames to draw your eye to the focal point

5. What metrics will be used to determine the ad’s success?

Likes, shares and comments will be used to determine the success of this ad. There were 165 comments, 1,600 shares and 3,300 likes. The page has over 2 million followers. Less than 1% of their followers interacted with the post. Although this is a lot of people, it is a surprisingly low amount of interaction in comparison and for how great the ad was designed. It’s possible the post needed to be boosted for it to drive more traffic.

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