What are the ad’s strengths?
I think that the ad’s strength is that it is a cute image that catches attention by the framing. The black socks stand out on the girl, and it’s obviously a hip, cute room. 
What are the ad’s weaknesses?
I think that the ad’s text makes the ad much less functional than it could have been with different copy. The picture looks much more like it is directed at millennials but the copy is obviously directed for people other than millennials. 
What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?
The ad is trying to convey that millennials know something about black friday shopping that all other generations do not know. The copy for the ad illustrates this idea, but the picture doesn’t really. The picture is probably supposed to be a millennial aged woman on her computer, but it’s hard to tell exactly how old she is and how this really relates to the ad copy. 
Contrast: The ad has pretty good contrast in that it uses colors on the model and on the bed that contrast with each other to catch the eye. Black and white are the biggest contrasting colors you can get, and red is a close second. Putting these colors together in a pleasing manner does make the ad eye catching.
Composition: The photo in the ad has good composition in that everything is aligned to the right which is pleasing to the eye. The ad copy is similar to any other ad copy on Facebook, but the font they use is one that is rather simple and works well. 
What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful?


The way to measure the success of this ad would be the likes and comments it receives as well as shares.  

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