Strengths: This ad has a great title that will catch the attention of women who are expecting a baby. It finds a pain point and fixes it. Often you need baby things from multiple stores so you create more than one registry. It can become complicated. This allows you to put everything on one registry. The ad shows multiple baby items under the title.

Weaknesses: The last picture in the line of pictures under the title is a heart with words on it. The pictures go so fast that you can’t see what the words say. The font choice for the “all your must haves” might be hard to read for some people. I personally like that font, but I know that some people don’t like reading fancy fonts like that font. They will just look past it. 

Design: The design is simple yet effective. They show multiple pictures of baby items that commonly show up on baby registries. The title it to the point and the pink color catches your attention. All the components of the ad are centered. The background is white so the colors in the baby items and the pink font stands out. 

Metrics: This is ad is on Facebook. The things that will determine if it is successful include likes/reactions and shares. While these are important, the most important thing that will determine if it is successful or not is if it gets more people to use their service.