What are the ad’s strengths?

The ad’s strengths is that it is a picture of chocolate that looks very appealing! Chocolate is a thing that people love so it draws people in just by the image. I think that another strength is the caption, it’s short and sweet but explains exactly what the image is showing!

What are the ad’s weaknesses?

I think one of the ad’s weaknesses is the text on the image. It looks crowded, and it almost makes it hard to read what is on top of the image. With the text squished in so close together and with two lines so crammed, it makes it hard for people to read quickly while scrolling through.

What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?

It’s trying to make people interested in their new flavor of chocolate and to make people want to try it!

How has the design used: CompositionFundamentalsContrastLinesLayoutGolden SectionRule of ThirdsNot HalfSwiss Grid or Custom Grids?

I think one of the best design elements in the post is that it’s simple. (Other than the text) I think it’s plays true to the saying “less is more”. I think by only having the picture of the chocolate it doesn’t distract from what they are trying to convey. I think this one really works because the chocolate is in the center of the image with the title on top. This is good because there isn’t anything else in the image. 

What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful?

Likes, shares, and comments. They can also see how well it sells when it first starts selling in December.

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