Neutrogena-Light Therapy Mask

This social media campaign is trying to get people to buy one of their products. Neutrogena has a light therapy mask that’s supposed to help with acne and reduce inflammation. This picture below is the ad that showed on my Facebook. The main purpose of this ad... read more


In 2015 179,000  photos were tagged with #MyCalvins and still continue to increase the popularity of the desirable underwear. The American fashion brand debuted its campaign with the hashtag in 2014 and brought attention promoting their underwear. The campaign... read more

Wendy’s Fresh, Never Frozen

                                      With a slogan like “fresh, never frozen,” Wendy’s has always had a more personal and less corporate relationship with their customers. In order to push the idea of fresh beef, and get interaction with customers,... read more

#CrashTheSuperBowl Doritos Campaign

#TheCrashTheSuperBowl by Doritos highlighted user-generated content during the Super Bowl. It allowed fans to create commercials and guaranteed that one fan’s commercial be aired. The objective was to build off the buzz of such a huge event, as well as get fans/users... read more

RedBull: The Instagram Ad Campaign

RedBull has always been famous for their advertising techniques. From their Youtube videos of people doing crazy stunts, to hosting large events such as the diving competition in Mexico, and driving cars that have a statue of a big can of RedBull on it to pass out... read more

Week 2: Social Campaign Analysis

Shot on iPhone Brand: Apple Brand Objectives: “Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App store, and is defining the future of mobile media.” Steve Jobs Mission Statement: “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for... read more

Run Like the Wind

“Run like the Wind” was the phrase that Lidl UK used to advertise their sportswear. Lidl is a wholesale supermarket that is located in the UK. They advertise themselves through Twitter. They update their Twitter everyday. I think that their strategy... read more
Salt Bae – Nusret Gökçe

Salt Bae – Nusret Gökçe

Nusret Gokce is an owner of a now thriving chain of Turkish Steak Houses, this chef went viral after launching his Salt Bae social campaign. This chef wanting to further his brand, launched an impressive campaign of videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube,... read more

Social Media Campaign – Girl Scouts

Founded in 1912, Girl Scouts is a popular group for young girls to join. Through the years, each girl scout has the opportunity to develop new skills, meet friends, and of course, sell cookies. Recently, the organization has tried to broaden the idea of what it means... read more

The social media campaign I decided to focus on is the #itaddsup campaign by TD Ameritrade. In this campaign TD Ameritrade decided to utilize the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In their campaign they compared the preparation and practice that Olympians go... read more

U by Kotex

The U by Kotext company has reinvented the period advertisement industry. They sell feminine hygene products in various stores including Walmart, Target, and online retailers. The campaign they have is “The Period Projects”, which targets making periods... read more

Fenty Beauty

Recently Rihanna released a line of beauty products; Fenty Beauty. At the beginning of the month Fenty released 40 different shades of foundation along with several different shades of highlighter and contour colors. The main part of Fenty Beauty’s campaign is that... read more
Purdue Day of Giving

Purdue Day of Giving

For the past four years, Purdue University has raised money to give back to the college and provide for more opportunities for their students. This year it went viral. The goal was to beat their record-breaking donation of 18.3 million from last year and they ended up raising over 28 million, utilizing social media.

read more

Stop The Texts/Wrecks #StopTheTexts This message is all about the importance of not texting while driving. This campaign brings this to light to everyone, especially young adults. According to surveys, many young adults are the cause of wrecks due to... read more

Mary Elsmore – Glossier

  I also like how their logo is very simple and minimalistic like their brand. It looks good on the simple product packaging and is easy to identify. What The cosmetic brand Glossier has done a really great job branding itself this year through its social media... read more