REP Sponsored Post

This sponsored post stood out to me the most because of its simple design. This ad filters through multiple images of merchandise offered with this deal. Both of these are great strengths to its design and purpose. Another strength I noticed is that it has been made... read more
Reverse Engineer an Sponsored Promotion Post

Reverse Engineer an Sponsored Promotion Post

What are the ad’s strengths? This ad’s strength is that it is concise and clear. At first glance you know it is for Overwatch and it is sporting a 50% off black Friday Sale. This ad also notes that it is the best sale ever on Overwatch, giving customers who may... read more

Call of Duty’s WWII Advertisement

  Strengths The advertisement is simple and straightforward. It depicts the soldiers of WWII that Call of Duty is known for with a simple message referencing both the release of the game and the infamous D-Day. The image has great clarity and focus, and the PS4... read more

Papa Murphy’s: Reverse Engineer

What are the ad’s strengths? Initially the ad is very eye catching, that’s the reason I chose it. The first thing I noticed was the 25% off which is something that I automatically do already, look for deals, especially around the holidays. It’s also a very simple... read more

Dazi Ties

  What are the ad’s strengths? Some of the strengths of the ad is the attention grabber. You look at it and do a double take because you don’t expect to see a mans face next to curly hair like that. It grabs your attention so that you look longer at the ad... read more

    What are the ad’s strengths? I think that the ad’s strength is that it is a cute image that catches attention by the framing. The black socks stand out on the girl, and it’s obviously a hip, cute room.    What are the ad’s weaknesses? I think that the... read more

Paid Advertisement – Reverse Engineer Post

Select Health   What are the ad’s strengths? The photography used in this ad is overall very effective. The advertisement is all about health care. Since they advertise that they are local, the setting of the picture is effective. The background makes you feel... read more
Sponsored Ad: R.E.P

Sponsored Ad: R.E.P

Strengths: I thought the title was very clever. People think that millennials don’t know too much about anything and so the fact that millennials know something that others don’t can be intriguing.  Weaknesses: This is an ad trying to appeal to an older... read more
Dragon Battler

Dragon Battler

As I went looking for ads on facebook, I found that I couldn’t get any to last for more than a few seconds on my laptop. I am not sure why that was, but I think it might have had to do with my demographical placing, meaning that advertising to me on a computer... read more

Sponsored Ad Rep-Shutterfly

For this reverse post, I looked into Shutterfly’s paid ad.  What are the ad’s strengths? The ad made a collaboration with Make A Wish, which first brings great attention to a paid ad. Their focus on a child for their image brings a call to action with the... read more

Beth Mitchell Sponsored Post

What are the ad’s strengths? The ad’s strengths is that it is a picture of chocolate that looks very appealing! Chocolate is a thing that people love so it draws people in just by the image. I think that another strength is the caption, it’s short and sweet but... read more

Sponsored Ad REP

This ad appeared on Facebook. It’s an ad from Microsoft about Black Friday deals on their apps. One of the ad’s strengths is how concise it is. The viewer knows exactly what the ad is about based on the headline and in the design itself. This is good... read more
Just Dance 2018

Just Dance 2018

What are the ad’s strengths? Well for me I am always really drawn in to bright colors and gifs when it comes to Instagram sponsored ads, which is where I found this ad. I also think it had music in the gif too which was pretty nice and defiantly catches your attention... read more
Sponsored Ad REP

Sponsored Ad REP

Little Passports What are the ad’s strengths? The ad’s strengths are the simplicity of the image and the ext. It is all very direct and to the point that for Black Friday you can get 60% off.  What are the ad’s weaknesses? The weakness is that there is no... read more

Shaw Academy REP

Strengths and Design Elements Used This ad for a graphic design course through Shaw Academy has a lot of strengths. The first is offering something free. We all love to get something for nothing, and so seeing that it is normal $39.95/month, but that we can have a... read more

Reverse Engineer: Honey

This sponsored ad was the very first thing to appear on my personal Facebook. Although I’ve Reverse Engineered this company before, I think that they do a great job at advertising through social media. What are the ad’s strengths? Honey frequently posts ads that... read more

Sponsored Post: Chipotle

This advertisement is the most effective in my opinion because it made me hungry! I’m not the biggest fan of chipotle and I really do not like their burritos, but after scrolling through this I was definitely craving a big burrito. Also Chipotle’s line is... read more