Treehut: an eloquent watch campaign

  Best. Gift. Ever. 20% Off Sitewide! 🎁Custom engraved wooden watches handmade in San Francisco. Free worldwide shipping on all orders.Limited time. Shop now at Posted by Treehut on Thursday, October 26, 2017 Treehut is a... read more

REP: Article Promotion

I’ve chosen to use Spotify as my promotion example. Spotify is something every college student has. It’s cheaper on average than apple music and it lets you have more selections than Pandora or IHeartRadio offers. Even when you can’t afford a premium... read more

10 Posts Cretic

The instagram account that I am creticing is Yuree Lin. She is a pretty great Photographer.  These are her most recent Images. Each are successful. We are able to tell this because of the amounts of likes.  The only main weaknesses in the inconsistency of use of... read more

Reverse Engineer- Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest send customers pre-measured meals that require very little time to make. There meal options are smoothies, oatmeal, and soups. All the food is organic and they freeze the fruits at the peak of freshness. The article that Daily Harvest shared on its... read more
Bitesize Promotion REP

Bitesize Promotion REP

What are the ad’s strengths? -The ad uses an appealing image to grab your attention. -The ad asks a question that oyu want to be answered -The ad is easily accessible -The ad goes directly where you think it would, to a blog post -The ad goes to the companies website... read more

Reverse Engineer – Shapeways Article Ad

Shapeways is a company that provides 3D printing services online. People can go there to get their own 3D models printed out to the real world for personal use or they can use Shapeways as a platform to sell their 3D models as 3D printed products. With the massive... read more

World Nutella Day

The purpose of this ad is to raise awareness for World Nutella Day on February 5th. The biggest strength of this ad is that the product is very popular and could probably sell itself. It’s also strong because Alfie Deyes appeals to a wide variety of media users... read more

Eye See New Glasses

I was proud growing up to know that I was one of the few members of my family that did not need to wear glasses at all. I was so happy that my eyes were that good and I could pass on those eyes to my children. Then when I officially became an adult, it came down to... read more

Wendy’s Succulent Advertising

In much of its social media advertising, Wendy’s uses short promotional videos of its food. For my reverse engineer post this week, I decided to analyze one of its videos released on February 4th. This ad begins with a strong jab at McDonald’s. On its company website,... read more