Where Will You Stay?

Airbnb Strengths The advertisement does a great job of keeping the video brief and the information succinct. It pulls at individuals from all walks of life. The video showcases the companies purpose in connecting individuals with places to stay around the world as... read more

Reverse Engineer Video Ad

iPhone X   What are the video’s strengths? One of the things that apple does really good with their advertisements is the use of negative space. They do a great job also at keeping the video simple and on target. There is no fluff in the video, at least I could not... read more


The iPhone X it’s what everyone is talking about–good or bad. With a price tag of almost $1000 it’s the phone that people think they have to have.  I think this add does a lot of things very well. It’s simple yet very captivating. It’s... read more

We All Love Our Hair

The video I chose for this reverse engineer post is, “Dove Love Your Curls: How can we help girls learn to love their curls.” I love that video because it talks about a serious problem that girls with curly hair have with their hair. They feel like they... read more

Fight for Love

This advertisement is for the nonprofit organization called, “Fight the New Drug.” The organization is all about fighting against pornography and fighting for love. There are so many things that are good about this ad. The first thing that I saw was the words. “Always... read more


I decided to review the #LightTheWorld Christmas Initiative the LDS church promoted through the 2016 Christmas season.  The video’s strengths are the general composition. The colors stay consistent through each theme. The colors and composition stays filmed in the... read more

Video Reverse Engineer

I think this video was really well done. It was a trailer for an upcoming movie called ladybird. What I think that this ad did a really good job. What I think this movie trailer really did well is that it followed the rule of thirds really well. Throughout the trailer... read more
REP: Social Video

REP: Social Video

Alison’s Brand School Alison is a social media influencer and has built herself a brand. She is very strategic about what she does and is known for her dance moves, fun parties, podcasts, and “Year of Awesome” calendars. Recently she posted this... read more
Really Being “The Hero”

Really Being “The Hero”

While thinking of well composed video shots that told interesting stories, I went through a list of movies and shows in my mind, before realizing I had just seen one earlier in the day. The image above is from the ad called “Claws” advertising Skyrim VR... read more

Video REP

The wait is finally over. It's Reese's time! #Halloween — REESE'S (@ReesesPBCups) October 31, 2017 I saw this video on Twitter posted by Reese’s. Reese’s is a popular candy to eat on Halloween. The brand... read more

GoPro Reverse Engineered

GoPro’s promotional video of the new HERO5 and Karma drone is amazing! Here is why I choose to reverse engineer this video… What are the video’s strengths? I chose to do the “Hero5 + Karma launch” promotion video by GoPro. There is great adventure and lots... read more

Week 9 REP Native Video Tmoible

  What are the video’s strengths? During the Superbowl, Tmobile had many commercials including big-name celebrities names within the opening scenes. Consumers are more likely to be persuaded by celebrities they listen too or who share a common interest whether... read more
Week 9 – REP Native Video

Week 9 – REP Native Video

What are the video’s strengths? Last years Doritos SuperBowl ad went viral because of it’s comedic nature. Doritos consumers are more likely to purchase Doritos during larger pantry stocking trips. Brands such as Ruffles, Cheetos, and Fritos also tend to be... read more
Think to Thank Video REP

Think to Thank Video REP

Think to Thank This is a still-shot video campaign from the Church. It is a collection of images put together with words interdispersed and a song. The wording is: “We live each breath is a gift from God to grow to give We thank You For those who warm our hearts... read more
Doritos Superbowl Commercial

Doritos Superbowl Commercial

Strength: I think the strength of this ad is one it is very funny and keeps you interested in it. It feels now that most commercials these days are boring and most people ignore them but if you find a commercial that it actually intriguing then I think it is good and... read more

Reverse Engineer Post: A Social Video

  What are the video’s strengths? The videography is great and it really what is captured is beautiful things that make up everyday life. It was set up like a motivational video in a way that made it interesting and inspiring to listen to. The time was at 1... read more

REP – Social Video

SNICKERS   STRENGTHS Snickers is able to stick with a common theme in all of their videos the past few years, and that theme is “Hungry? Grab a snickers.” They make the video 30 seconds, and that refers back to the principle of least resistance. How... read more

Purple Video REP

What are the video’s strengths? The Purple videos are all fun to watch. This one uses the story of Goldilocks and the three bears to compare different mattresses. They use simple visuals, funny dialog and Mallory is a hoot. The raw egg test is a good marketing tool... read more