Voice Statement

Rachel Cluff Music is an outlet for me to share my musical talent with others and to create musical content that people will hopefully enjoy listening to. Music is one of my greatest passions in life, and I see this as an opportunity to share my passion with others.

  1.  Identify
    1. Objectives
      1. Message: My goal is to share my musical talent with others by posting song covers. I will be doing guitar and voice covers, as well as some violin covers. I also hope to share the gospel and help others feel the spirit by posting some spiritual covers. 
      2. Audience: Most likely males and females between 14-50. 
      3. Actions: I’m going to try to monetize my covers on YouTube, and in each video I’ll ask viewers to subscribe, because hopefully if I get enough subscribers I’ll actually be able to make some money off of this. 
      4. Timing: I will probably be posting updates to my channels in the late afternoon-evening time of day, because most people are more likely to see my updates that time of day because they’ll be done with school and work. 
    2. Read Seascape
      1. Channel Profiles: I’m going to use YouTube and Instagram. 
      2. User Profiles: Most of the users I expect to watch my videos include people in the age range of 16-30 who enjoy listening to covers. I will be posting covers from a variety of genres, so there will be something for every musical taste, including rock, pop, indie, country, and alternative. 
      3. Expectations: Realistically, I’m not expecting to get enough subscribers to actually make money, but I’m going to try. My expectations are that my covers will get anywhere from 100-1000 views, and that hopefully my videos will get more likes than dislikes on YouTube. 
      4. Taboos (what to avoid, potential pitfalls): I’m going to avoid posting unoriginal content by making my covers unique and different, and making them my own. I’m going to avoid posting boring, unengaging covers, because people want to be entertained when they watch videos on YouTube. 
  2. Plan
    1. Strategy
      1. Who: I think the majority of my audience will consist of males and females between 16 to 30. A larger audience that might also be likely would be males and females in the age range of 14-50. 
      2. Where: I plan to use YouTube and Instagram.
      3. What: I’ll mostly just be posting videos of my song covers, maybe some audio recordings, and some photos of me with my instruments, just showcasing what my channel’s all about.
      4. When: I plan on posting to Instagram daily and YouTube twice a week between 4-9 PM. 
    2. Define Success
      1. Metrics: Views, comments, likes, subscribers and shares would all be useful in determining how successful my posts are. 



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