The advertisement is simple and straightforward. It depicts the soldiers of WWII that Call of Duty is known for with a simple message referencing both the release of the game and the infamous D-Day. The image has great clarity and focus, and the PS4 banner at the bottom fits in quite nicely. They also include the advertisement of PS4 with the phrase “Greatness Awaits.” The message for the tweet is given from the perspective of a soldier from within the game inviting you to join the fight. Once again a reference to D-Day is made in the phrase “storm the beach,” referring to the beaches of Normandy.


The soldiers in the image are quite generic. They could have been made more notable. While the background showcases scenes from Normandy, it seems a bit jumbled together and easy to miss. Some individuals may not understand all of the Normandy references either and wonder what the story of the game is. The only real game title reference is the hashtag. Once you reach the website, the content is all over the place. The box to input information covers the pros and cons of each edition of the game.


The advertisement desires to target video game players that enjoy war themes, first person shooters, or the Call of Duty franchise. It strives to display as much of the WWII look and feel that it can and focuses on D-Day and the beaches of Normandy to put the viewer right into the beginning of the story. The banner promotes the game for the PS4, and thus promotes Sony’s gaming platform as well. This showcases Call of Duty’s good relationship with Sony. It strives to make awareness of the games availability, provide a link to purchase the game, and entice users to play it on the PS4.


The overall composition fits nicely into a grid. The message fits within the top third of the image, while the PS4 banner rests within the bottom third. The background images of Normandy fit nicely within the left third of the image. The soldiers faces fit within the right third of the image. The center third is mostly the bodies of the two soldiers in the foreground. Even the PS4 logo and the “Greatness Awaits” message fit within the Rule of Thirds. The smokey gray background allows the darker colors of the soldiers attire to stand out. The PS4 banner utilizes a custom grid to create a wavy, almost 3 dimensional effect. The styling of the messages letters is interesting as it is quite ordinary and does not have a very militaristic nature to it, which the main image heavily utilizes. It does, however, strive to center none of the content. The main message resides within the top left portion of the image.


The advertisement relies upon likes, replies, and retweets, but visits to the site linked to the image and video game purchases from the site are also indicators of the advertisements success.

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