As I went looking for ads on facebook, I found that I couldn’t get any to last for more than a few seconds on my laptop. I am not sure why that was, but I think it might have had to do with my demographical placing, meaning that advertising to me on a computer was deemed not worthwhile.

So instead I switched over to my phone and instantly found an ad for a mobile game, Beasts Evolved: Skirmish. I feel like they are trying to get someone to feel interested and download the game now, rather than trying to stick in your mind over time, like other products might do. 

In this ad, they give you options to install the game immediately, and to like it, even if you haven’t played it yet. I also notice that they try to increase the legitimacy of the game by including a stat of how many people play it. But what caught my attention was the pictures of the dragons. Instead of doing a picture of a dragon razing an army, like other games do, they are focusing on the fact that their dragons evolve and the player has the option to choose who to evolve them into. They further drive home this point by including images of dragons with vastly different silhouettes, to really drive home the fact that they player has control in this game. They might have targeted this ad to me since I play pokemon games, which involves evolving monsters, so they might have thought this ad would make the game look appealing to me. Plus, they kept the background incredibly plain so that the focus is on the monsters.

While I probably won’t play this game since freemium monster battlers are not really things I enjoy, I did find it interesting to take a minute and look at what makes up a facebook game app ad to see how they are trying to convince me to play their game. I have to assume the main metric they are looking from this ad is downloads, I think they will also appreciate likes to their page as well.

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