French's Mustard Mac & Cheese Recipe Ingredients

French’s is a grocery brand that is well-known for its mustard. It doesn’t seem to have a strong social media presence, so this video ad seems to have been a good representation of the brand. One strength of this video is that it gets right to the point. Within the first few seconds, it shows what the recipe is and a catchy phrase to get people excited to try it for Thanksgiving. Another advantage seems to be the fast-forwarding through the combining of ingredients. Viewers on Facebook are not likely going to open up the video or stay on it for long, so it helps that the mac & cheese is made quickly. Finally, as I will mention later, the design also includes appealing qualities including color, layout, and lines.

There are some weaknesses. One is that the video is low quality, and along with that, the ingredients don’t have a very refined appearance. This would potentially give the impression of unprofessional and cheap advertising. Second, the video doesn’t give very much time at the beginning to indicate what is being made. That makes it easy for someone to miss what this video is about, and could potentially cause them to scroll past it. Finally, the music seems generic. While it seems to be upbeat and fitting for a recipe video, it seems like what can be heard in many other recipe videos.

The video’s design is trying to get people into wanting to make this Crunchy Jalapeno Mac & Cheese recipe with French’s Crunchy Jalapenos. It is trying to persuade viewers to try something new from a brand that they are already familiar with.


Rule of Thirds

One design principle that the ad implements is composition. The ingredients are arranged along the bottom and right thirds, making it an appealing layout and causing the ingredients to stand out  more to the eye. This also goes along with the principle of the rule of thirds and not half rule. Another thing that is shown is lines. At the top of the image, there is an arrow drawn that leads viewers’ eyes to the pan of mac & cheese. Second, the handle of the pan also forms a line that points to the food. Also, the ingredients seem to kind of form an invisible triangle that points to the mac & cheese. Third, fundamentals are shown. It uses an analogous color scheme with what appears to include red, yellow, and orange. Second, it uses tasteful typography that is both an optimally large font size and also blends in well with the texture of the video background. Third, like ingredients are grouped together on the right side of the video. Finally, there is contrast shown between the ingredients in small dishes on the light colored right side and the large pan of mac & cheese on the dark colored large square on the left. This causes the eye to catch glimpse of the mac & cheese first, which is the focus of the video.

The metrics of this video are tied to those found on Facebook. Consequently, metrics of success include likes, shares, comments, and views.