I believe this video is informative and drives home what they are expecting the viewer to take away, that they have software that can visually render data from an SQL database. It shows how quick and easy it is to create colorful, informative graphs with a simple line of SQL code. It’s strength also becomes its weakness; it’s too quick! The video is only 10 seconds long and is set to continuously repeat like a GIF. It took me a couple watch throughs before I realized that the code was the same and the graphs were the same and that the video was on repeat. If they had slowed it down and added an explanation through narration, the video would have been perfect. The video uses grids to organize everything on the screen. It is a screen cast video but the camera is always aligned with the grid on the screen. I believe the metrics they will be watching are number of clicks and visits to their site. If someone puts in the time to watch the video and clicks on their website, then they have done their job.

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