The brand I chose to reverse engineer is Brandless. It is an online grocery store that sells food, beauty, and personal care products, and household supplies at the magical price of $3 under its own Brandless label. Thier main website uses a grid system and lots of white space to show off their merchandise. 


1. What are the brand design strengths?

One of Brandless’s strengths is that they ensure that when people come to their website that they can immediately see what are the most popular/searched for products. It the first thing you see right under the heading of th homepage. Another strenght is that all thier new products are shown immideatly on thier homepage and then farther down everything is in categories. This is how they keep everything lookin oragnized and asthetically pleasing. One of their other strengths is that they use thier insatgram where if a photo has a product in it, it shows a link that take you stright to the website to buy it if you click on it in the photo. They are making sure that their product is easily assessible. 

2. What are the brand design weaknesses?

Since they are have only been in business since July 2017, they have a limited amount of product that they try to regularly promote. That is why we can see that they use a lot of graphics and quotes in their Instagram to fill up space. Thier limited amounf of products means that they have limited products to promote. That poses a problem for them brand wise.

3. What is the brand trying to accomplish with its design?

They are trying to promote organic and non-GMO healthy lifestyles. They sell every product at the rate of $3 so they are trying to promote the idea that quallity doesn’t have to be expensive. 

4. How has the design used: Composition, Fundamentals, Contrast, Lines, Layout, Golden Section, Rule of Thirds, Not Half, Swiss Grid or Custom Grids?

They are using a good bit of color contrast in all of their Instagram posts. On their Instagram, they try to keep it as colorful as possible while keeping the same color pattern every three posts so it matches up and looks aesthetically pleasing. They want the page to feel lively and youthful so that more people are attracted to it and will check it out. 

5. What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the brand is successful?

Brandless uses likes, comments, and shares on their Instagram page to determine their success. 




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