This ad details a new board gaming system through kickstarter. The imagery is amazing, and pulls the target audience in extremely well. Lords of Helios is pointed to by the visual path utilized in the weapon. There is also an intense feeling of urgency as this was the last day to contribute to the campaign. As a side note, they blew through every goal on the kickstarter. The contrast is present, but not prevalent enough to be more than a well placed foundation. Instead of the rule of thirds, it uses the "not middle" principle, which is a nice departure from the norm. The last piece (not seen here) is that there was a button encouraging a strong call to action for the ad.


I'm not certain I'd call it a weakness, but the minimalist copy doesn't contribute much to the design, and therefore depends entirely on the click through content to hook the viewer. Clearly this worked.

Trying to accomplish

The goal of this ad is click-through and donation of resources.


The composition was very well done; obviously a professional artist was paid for content creation. Not Half is probably the base design choice. The Gestalt is amazing in this design, with ancient greece being slammed right into the sci-fi genre. Very well done.


The success of this ad would be the like and shares. I would also point out that this ad helped the creator destroy funding goals of the product in question.



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