REP Social Media Ads

This is an ad from the real estate company that is offering starting from 500,000 rubles ($8,500) discount on apartments in the buildings that are already built. 

What are the ad’s strengths?

The greatest strength of the ad is that it’s super simple and has very little text. The most important text which is a discount is in bold and highlighted. The logo and the pictures of the buildings are present. 

What are the video’s weaknesses?

The main weekness here in my opinion are these ducks with some weird yellow sun or something. It doesn’t make much sense. I think that if they wanted to keep it, they could have made it smaller.

What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?

They are trying to attract people by the big discount that they are giving. I take that from the ad because it’s the biggest text and is highlighted. They are also using the colorful buildings on the ad to make it more bright and would grab the attention of the viewer. They are also staying consistent with their design style so that it’s recognisable.

How has the design used: 



What metrics will be used to determine if the video is successful?

The main metric here is how many people got the offer using the add. The other metric is how many people clicked on the ad. Other metrics such as likes and shares could also be useful, because in a lot of times people trust the ad more when it’s someone you know that is sharing it rather than just a simple ad


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