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  1. What are the brand design’s strengths?

As a men’s body care brand, Old Spice excels with its logo. It’s a simple, has two colors, and displays a majestic looking ship (an object that most men can admire). This format increases its versatility, allowing it to easily snug into any social media profile picture, or trending posts. Also, the Old Spice brand of humor – a sort of slap-stick, tongue-in-cheek style – appeals to men (and women) quite easily. This ambiance is prominent across all social media channels, including the tagline, “MUSCLES. SMELLS. LAZERS…” Overall, anyone browsing through an Old Spice channel can expect a few laughs.

2. What are the brand design’s weaknesses?

Occasionally, some of Old Spice’s design seems almost too random. The banner on the Facebook and Twitter pages photoshops everything from cowboys to corndogs in the same image. While this is humorous, it feels distracting, and ultimately leaves the reader confused on where to look overall.

3. What is the brand trying to accomplish with its design?

Old Spice sets itself apart with a unique image and color scheme. Anyone who sees a maroon-based logo or deodorant stick can immediately recognize that the brand is Old Spice. The same can be said with its swashbuckling sailing ship. They also attempt to link the Old Spice brand with humor and pleasant feelings. Thus we see the crazy jokes in their videos, the attractive men and women engaging in surreal antics, and so on. 

4. How has the design used: Composition, Fundamentals, Contrast, Lines, Layouts, Golden Section, Rule of Thirds, Not Half, Swiss Grid, or Custom Grids?

Old Spice does a great job on using the Rule of Thirds in its video advertisements. Here’s an example of a woman sitting in the far right third. 

Even though I previously criticized the convoluted nature of their banner, the banner does use the lines of the lasers, and the head direction of the cowboy flying on an eagle, to point back to the Old Spice bear/lion logo. The muscular arms keep focus on the center as well.

And again, despite the randomness of the picture, its composition did make me chuckle a bit the first time I saw it.

5. What metrics will be used to determine if the brand is successful?

Shares and re-tweets can be a great indicator of Old Spice’s success. Say Old Spice produced a new scent, and introduced a video and a coupon for people to purchase it. If they’re wanting to gain attention and spread the news to people outside of their channel, share would be a great indicator. Likes, especially from current fans/subscribers, are always good to see whether or not people are enjoying Old Spice’s content.

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