1. What are the ad’s strengths? While scrolling through my instagram this sponsored ad caught my eye. I had no idea what the ad was for, but the “Free Box” stood out. Also the other items around the box were placed so perfectly it made me want to actually see what this ad was all about..
  2. What are the ad’s weaknesses? This ad was to vague. It said it was for a free box, but it says nothing as to what is in the box. Then I clicked the ad and it has to do with drink alcohol. I honestly have no interest in what it is trying to sell and the curse word in the photo tag was catchy but uncalled for.
  3. What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design? The ad is trying to entice people, mainly men, to order a subscription to their monthly sample box. The items pictured are things guys use and have.  
  4. How has the design used:
  • Composition- The design is very organised. the placement of the items draws attention to the box.
  • Rule of thirds- The design principle was used in the photo.
  • Contrast- The Free BOX lettering in white stood out from the dark objects.