The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is well known for promoting inspiring messages that uplift and encourage people live the true spirit of the holiday season. This video is no exception. Along with this strength, the video also has the advantages of beautiful shot arrangement, soft music, and an inspiring story to get people to be thankful this Thanksgiving. The video also captures attention within the first 10 seconds by leaving you wondering what the man is going to listen to on his phone. Additionally, as I will explain further later, the ad makes good use of several principles of design that makes it appealing to view.

One weakness of the ad is that the voicemail recording of the man is played too quietly. While subtitles can make up for this, it is major problem for the video when being viewed by someone who has the sound on. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any other apparent weaknesses.

With the ad’s design, it is trying to draw attention to the need for people to be thankful this Thanksgiving season. It is trying to demonstrate to people ways in which they can do show their thankfulness to others in both word and action.

Rule of Thirds

One of the fundamental design principles seen in the above video frame is demonstrated in the above left image: color. The couple is wearing complementary colors on their clothes. There is some dark red on the man’s sweater, and kind of light bluish-green on the woman’s dress. Another fundamental is proximity, which is demonstrated in the third image. Each person is standing close to each other to show that they are both adding to the story, and having the man closer to the camera shows emphasis on what he is doing with the flower on the woman’s head. Another design principle is demonstrated in the second image: lines. The man’s arm forms a clear line that directs viewer’s attention to the flower on the woman’s head. Finally, there is also a demonstration of the rule of thirds. Each person lies on a vertical line, and the important action with the flower is also being done in the right third.

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