The simplicity and coloring of the ad were what first caught my attention. The colors are very relaxing and unobtrusive, they allow the user to see what is going on instead of fighting for attention with bright obnoxious colors.  The wording is simple and to the point. There are items placed all over but it is done in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm the user


The one big weakness that I see in this ad is the focal point. My eyes are immediately drawn to the eggs, they take up about a quarter of the ad and really dominate the small space. The ad should really be highlighting the cartwheel app but they made it so small compared to the other items that it gets lost. I would suggest using more highlight colors and scaling back the size of some of the items. 


The ad is trying to show that the store Target offers what you need for when it comes to pay day. In this particular ad the items used are very necessary and sensible items that one would purchase on pay day. The items are strategically placed on the small screen showing the user what the store has to offer. 


Composition: Overall the ad had very good composition. The white space really elevated the photo and highlighted the different items used. The colors were soft and subtle so everything was harmonious. 

Rule of thirds:

Golden Section:


This ad was designed for Instagram and shared on Instagram so the best way to measure success will be through how many likes, shares, and followers Target receives. 

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