This ad has many strengths, the first of which is the simplicity of it’s image. It uses Amazon’s brand to draw attention to it and it is the brand that makes it draw the scroller’s attention.This branding is consistent with the message of the ad given in the text outside the image. Another thing this ad does really well is leaving the viewer wanting to know the content of the link which the article connects to. By saying that there is a trick that will save more money on Black Friday using Amazon the reader wants to know what this trick is, and will therefore click on the ad, which is the purpose of their ad.

This ad doesn’t have many obvious weaknesses that I can see, but something that could be improved is the creativity of the image. Though the branding makes it scroll stopping, it is not a unique image in and of itself.

The design is well done. The layout of the packages creates lines that lead the readers eye from the Logo at the top of the add to the text below it. The packages also have good contrast with the dark blue background. Using the yellow and white packages against the white background makes them more eye-catching. This image also follows the rule of thirds, with the majority of the packages being in the center third of the picture.

Because this is a Facebook ad likes, comments, and shares are going to be the main metrics, but you could also measure how much traffic is coming to the link in the ad. 


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