1. What are the ad’s strengths? To me, the first strength of the ad is how tempting the sale price is. If something is 70% off, it is hard not to want to click and see what kind of stuff you can get for a great price. Or is that just the shopaholic in me? The second strength of the ad is that they show an entire outfit-this shows they have variety in their store. Third, I think the simplicity of the photo, layout, and ad wording is also a strength. They don’t go on and on. They just tell you the sale, and show a great, clean, high quality picture. It has a clear shop now button for those tempted to show like me, and also offers free shipping if you spend more than $50. Lastly, I like that they put their full brand name again on the side in a large bold print so that you remember their business name even if you scroll past the ad and don’t click on it.
  2. What are the ad’s weaknesses? A weakness of this ad could be that it uses click bait-which is a turn off to a lot of people who don’t like the typical sales ad. It also could be a weakness that this doesn’t appeal to both men and women. But not if they intended to target one market at a time. It was hard to find a flaw in this ad, as I think it is really good. It made me want to shop!
  3. What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design? I feel it is trying to accomplish a “full outfit” appeal, as well as simplicity and modern clothing. It is trendy with the graphic t-shirt and high waisted shorts. It is also appealing to teens and young adults more than older women. I think they were going for young, hip, and fresh. So they kept it modern, simple, and appealed to the sale price as young teens and young adults don’t usually have a lot of extra spending cash.
  4. How has the design used: CompositionFundamentalsContrastLinesLayoutGolden SectionRule of ThirdsNot HalfSwiss Grid or Custom Grids? This design uses the exactly half layout creating their own custom grid. This works well because it appeals to a full body outfit. The lines are clean, and the clothes align with each other. 
  5. What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful? I think that the real metric with this ad is how many orders are placed. But, likes, shares, and comments are always helpful in getting those orders placed. 
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I am drawn to beautiful and creative things. Anything that entices a double take gets my full attention. I love to think of marketing in terms of design, and I love to play around with new technologies and programming software that allows me to push the limits of creativity.
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