This sponsored post stood out to me the most because of its simple design. This ad filters through multiple images of merchandise offered with this deal. Both of these are great strengths to its design and purpose. Another strength I noticed is that it has been made for a very specific niche. This is powerful because the company, Zuliliy, shows that they truly know their audience and have geared their ad toward them. This is a very clever thing to do in the business world because the company knows the kind of interaction and response they will receive from reaching the desired audience. 

A weakness I noticed is within its design. There really isn’t much going on aside from the words within the ad. All of the merchandise is displayed on a white background and just laid out. There is nothing else that is eye-catching about it. The only reason someone who isn’t a huge “Harry Potter” fan would notice this would be because of the images constantly changing.

Despite its huge weakness in design, there is one major design rule that I noticed. Everything is laid out along the Rule Of Thirds. This helps the composition feel well-balanced.

The metrics used to track the success of this ad are the usual Facebook metrics: likes, comments, shares, etc. 

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