For my sponsored ad, I went onto Facebook and found this from Squarespace. I thought this ad had good use of negative space, color use, and just is pretty visual pleasing.

The ad however, leaves me a little confused as to what this ad is about. Unless you look at the tiny screen on the tablet then viewer’s wouldn’t even know what this ad is trying to convey.

The ad is trying to promote the idea of clean, organized, and professional workspaces. This is something that is beneficial to convey to the audience since Squarespace is for office/business minded people.

Composition is a big part of this ad. Every piece is placed with a special purpose to convey their message. They only chose to have three things on the left side, and two things on the right side. This allows for the ad to have negative space and for your eyes to be led from the tablet, in.

The metrics used for success is the amount of likes and link clicks this company gets off of their promos.

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