1. What are the ad’s strengths? The ad definitely plays on the strength of it already being a known brand. It also plays on common vernacular with using “errrday”. It is colorful and and the personification of the gummy candy holding the bag of new stuff is cute and attention grabbing.
  2. What are the ad’s weaknesses? The colors the ad uses to represent tropical are very trite and expected.
  3. What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design? The ad is attempting to inform you of the new flavor of sourpatch  kids.
  4. How has the design used: Composition,- The ad comes together very well and nothing is out of place, Fundamentals– no serious errors Contrast,- there is contrast between the light of the bad and the semi dark of the little person Linesevery line draws you to the middle from the gradient  Not Half– you cannot fold this ad in half and get perfect sides.?
  5. What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful? Likes and clicks. Mostly clicks and sales.



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