I came across this video by Elite Daily on my Facebook feed. 

What are the video’s strengths? Throughout the video, I see very clearly written captions in plain white, and normally with a solid white box around it. This creates a nice clear view of the point of the video. The video behind the text is also in muted colors that aren’t very vivid, so it really gives us the chance to focus on the text within the video.
What are the video’s weaknesses? I think that the video moves really quickly. At the same time, it does represent being passive-aggressive, so maybe it isn’t quite a weakness. The muted colors help the video, but I think that brighter colors when there isn’t text on the screen might make it more “scroll-stopping”
What is the video trying to accomplish with its design? The video is trying to provide steps to become less passive-aggressive. It is clearly trying to accentuate the steps more-so than the actual video. They are attempting to show us different ways to confront our problems by showing the scene where the actor is being passive-aggressive, and then once the “step” is given, shows the same scene, but with a better outcome.

How has the design used: Composition, Fundamentals, Contrast, Lines, Layout, Golden Section, Rule of Thirds, Not Half, Swiss Grid or Custom Grids? The text is large and placed directly in the center of the screen. Rule of Thirds is used in a few shots (above). Her face and head are placed right on a line to draw our attention.
What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the video is successful?
Since this vide was posted on Elite Daily’s Facebook page, I would consider overall views, likes, and shares its measures of success. 


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