Nothing makes a party outfit 🔥 like brand new kicks! Shop now: #ShineYourWay #Crazy8Kid

Posted by Crazy 8 on Wednesday, November 8, 2017


What are the video’s strengths?

The video’s strengths are that it is short, memorable, and uses movement to capture attention. It uses one item for its subject -shoes. It uses the tagline “Nothing makes a party outfit like brand new kicks! Show now.” As the holidays approach, it’s the perfect time to bring up parties and more dressy outfits. This time of the year people think about pictures and a bit more fancy wardrobe and are more willing to buy an extra item like shoes to ‘make’ an outfit. 

What are the video’s weaknesses?

The video’s weaknesses are that it is short and very specific. The brevity is also a strength, but it might be boring to some viewers. If someone could care less about shoes, they won’t find anything worth watching. If a viewer isn’t aware of current video trends, they might think it is busy or silly. 

What is the video trying to accomplish with its design?

The video is trying to gain sales. The company is trying to make people aware that they sell shoes, and that any outfit needs a good pair to go along with it. By using a ‘boomerang’ type movement, I believe it will gain the attention of those aware of this style, as well as those new to it. 

How has the design used: 

Composition: The composition of this ad feels lighthearted, yet deliberate. It’s a cluttered casual feel, without being hard on the eyes. 

Contrast: This ad uses a simple white background with the shoes as contrast. It allows the shoes to be the continual focal point

Lines: The lines are so well placed in this ad. It’s basically two horizontal lines, without being perfect. It maintains a constant feel and the viewer isn’t worried about where it’s going. 

Not Half: The use of two lines could easily go into a total split screen, but because of the care free placement in the composition, it fills in some of the gaps and fulfills a ‘not half’ principle. 

What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the video is successful?

This video is super new -it was posted today. So far it only has a handful of likes (7), so it will likely increase as time goes on. I thought it was a simple, but well done video, so I still wanted to use it for my reverse engineer post this week. That said, the company will see the real metrics in their sales throughout the next few months when people would be purchasing shoes for dressier outfits. 

Overall, I like the video. I like it as a viewer, a parent, and a customer of the store, Crazy 8. I love the simplicity and spunkiness of the bounce back type video. It’s a quick, short reminder, to make sure to get a pair of cute shoes to go with an outfit for the coming months. 



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