Tasty is a brand that does short videos on food, recipes, cooking tips, etc. It has become pretty popular through their postings on social media.


The channels have the same aesthetic feel from one to another. I feel like I can look at one of their channels such as Instagram, then head over to another like YouTube and recognize their branding. They also maintain the same style in their photos and videos, which helps to keep things clean. I also feel that their recipe organization makes it easy to find different types of recipes very quickly, especially on YouTube and Pinterest. 

Tasty on Youtube


After reviewing Tasty’s Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest, I’d have to say that one weakness I notice on Pinterest is the hard time I have knowing which pins they have created and which pins they are pinning from other people. I want to see only their pins. Maybe I don’t know how to do that or there is a trick I’m unaware of, but I do feel that it was more clear to know which ones they uploaded right off the bat. 

Purpose of Design: What are they trying to accomplish?

They are trying to make all of their posts look good enough to eat! Their appealing thumbnails for each dish draw you in and make you want to watch the videos to learn how to make said dish. They use obvious organization for grouping as well, which makes it super easy to navigate. They want their users to be able to find what they are looking for in a timely manner. For example, by scrolling through their different playlists on Youtube, I realized that they have a whole playlist dedicated to Vegan recipes!

Composition and Contrast

I believe Tasty has successfully used composition by strategically placing one picture next to another that compliment each other when looked at simultaneously on a computer, tablet, or phone screen. This is especially true on their Instagram account. Posting to Instagram is not just about whatever you want to post next; it is planning ahead so that one picture is never touching another because it may be too similar, or maybe they will clash. It is having a variation of colors and patterns to add variety but also bring the pictures together as a whole profile. It is also balancing out colors so that the contrast can help to enhance each image. Tasty has accomplished this aspect very well. 


Subscribers and followers are a large part of Tasty’s success. It helps them to know how many of the same people are consistently watching their videos. Likes and shares are also a large part of their success. When you see a recipe you like, you share it! That is major for Tasty.



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