The video shows a male going through several stages of his life. They show him being excited because of the iPhone.  He continues to get the iPhone throughout the years, but the girl he starts to like has a Samsung. He sees all of the pros of the Samsung and cons of the iPhone while they are dating. He finally “grows up” and buys a Samsung.


The video really highlights the pros of the Samsung and cons of the iPhone without even saying much. It also shows the emotional side of it. You are more attached because you see him going through his life and liking this girl that is extremely kind to him, almost representing that Samsung is kind and happy.



I think if you were an avid iPhone user maybe you could argue that there was more to their phones than they betrayed. Otherwise, I don’t see any other weaknesses in this ad.


Accomplishments of Design

Samsung is portraying it’s Galaxy phone as a positive, up-to-date gadget that has a lot of features that others do not have. They capture several shots that really highlight this.


Designs Used

In several of the shots contrast is used to highlight the phone. The rule of thirds is also used to highlight the phone.





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