The ad I chose to highlight is from Facebook. It’s an online thrift store called “Thred Up”. Here is an example of their paid ad post:

Their ad was in the from of a video. It highlighted the various name brands the store carries and their expected percentages off. The ad has a clean, easy to understand format with the transparent circle highlighting the specials with outfits in the background. Throughout the ad there are also a few models wearing clothes that are appealing. The whole ad is 12 seconds which helps with attention span. 

Some areas where I think the ad could improve would be music in the background. I was expecting music when I clicked on th ad and thought it was a little boring when there wasn’t any. 

A few other observations about design include the ad’s placement in my newsfeed. Rather than being an ad off to the side of my feed this ad is incorporated as part of my scrolling, which really helped catch my eye. The composition of the ad is simple, clean, and has muted colors but is still catchy and engaging.The design is very symmetrical with the model standing front and center with a white background that doesn’t distract from her outfit. The ad is trying to accomplish advertising for an online company and getting females to click on their website and begin shopping. Their success could be measured by clicks to website, purchases made from ad, and comments/likes.