This video goes right along with their previous ads where the sour patch kids do something sour and then respond sweet, only in this video you don’t see the sweet part. Their focus with this video was to make it like their commercials, but with a less formal video. They use a lot of bright colors to catch the readers eye, and because the movement is so noticeable, you are tempted to watch the quick 6 second video. That would be the biggest weakness. It’s 6 seconds long and there is no repeating of the video, so if you aren’t paying attention then you will totally miss the video and won’t notice what company is advertising. 

This video ad is a mix of real images with animated images. They use really great contrast at the end when they show what is happening in the background while putting the focus on the subject’s response.

The metrics that will be used to determine if this ad was successful will be likes, shares, and comments. I personally think they will find success from this video.

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