I thought the title was very clever. People think that millennials don’t know too much about anything and so the fact that millennials know something that others don’t can be intriguing. 


This is an ad trying to appeal to an older audience by what their title says, but the pictures appeal to younger people with what the gifts are showing. 

Design Accomplishments:

This design is young looking, it has things that younger people would like on the ad. I think that it is trying to appeal to a younger audience. 

Rule of Thirds:

This ad, for the first thumbnail picture is using the rule of thirds, her eyes and facial expressions are in line with the rule of thirds which then draw your attention to what she is holding. 


This ad is on Facebook and o it is measuring likes, shares, and comments to define their success. 


Taya Skalla

Taya Skalla

I am studying visual communications at BYU-Idaho. I am a photographer as well. I love working with the Adobe programs to create visual works of art.
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