This ad appeared on Facebook. It’s an ad from Microsoft about Black Friday deals on their apps. One of the ad’s strengths is how concise it is. The viewer knows exactly what the ad is about based on the headline and in the design itself. This is good because the viewer does not have to hunt for the purpose of the ad. One of the ad’s weaknesses is the icons for the apps in the design. It’s not obvious what they are. I think it would have been better for them to show more popular app icons so that the viewer knows this is an ad for apps. The ad appears to be conveying a sense of professionalism while conforming to holiday colors. Some design principles used is contrast, rule of thirds, and grids. The strong red and white appeal to the holiday season without being overly festive as well as drawing attention. The icons are separated into three and are grid-like. The metrics for success would be determined by the number of clicks the ad gets as well as the revenue.

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