For this reverse post, I looked into Shutterfly’s paid ad. 

What are the ad’s strengths?

The ad made a collaboration with Make A Wish, which first brings great attention to a paid ad. Their focus on a child for their image brings a call to action with the visuals of the image. The ad does a good job of keeping the message simple with the image and the child blowing dust as she is making a “wish”. 

What are the ad’s weaknesses?

The image wasn’t clear “for every Wish Card order $1 would be donated to Make a Wish Foundation”. If the ad included some text about the information, the focus would be clear to people as they scroll down their feed. 

What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?

The ad is trying to reach a goal of donating money to this non-profit organization. 

How has the design used:

For the ad’s image, the child is in center of the image through the rule of thirds. The dust creates an effect of being blown in the air and placed in the boxes to illustrate the visual. The logo of the foundation is centered on top and aligned with the child to create unity. The colors used are subtle and creates contrast within the design. 

What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful?

Paid ads will allow the company to see insights into engagement, reach and impressions. The number of likes and comments will help determine the success of the ad, as well as how many people contributed to ordering the “Wish Card”. 



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