Let’s face it, Coca-Cola does an incredible job setting up their shots when they are promoting their drinks through video advertisements. I wanted to take the time to share with you a couple of shots from their Christmas commercial that aired last year. In the commercial you see a young boy handing out drinks as a secret Santa. As you can see by this photograph, the bottle is clearly placed in the center of the screen and our eyes are immediately drawn to the logo and we know what kind of commercial this is.

As the shot continues the bottle that was placed is meant for this young woman who was having a difficult time filling orders at what appears to be a local toy store. As you can see in this shot. Everything is angled perfectly towards the young woman and the drink that was perfectly placed on the countertop. Even in such a crowded room, it was as if the crowd parted like the red sea and you have a direct line to the drink and the point of view of the young woman.

Coca-Cola does a great job at promoting their drink and their products and I feel that they are a great example of learning how to brand yourself well in a video promotion. 

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