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For this Reverse Engineer Post I decided to go with a Triplebyte ad since I get them all the time and they are something that I am interested in trying out. Triplebyte is kind of a job search that has you take quizzes then reports to a ton of major companies that needs people in technology fields.


  • What are the ad’s strengths?
    • Some of the strengths of the add would be the simplicity of the design, the using of keywords such as Engineer, Program, Resume and Job. Additionally there are catchphrases such as top tech company, whiteboard interview and program computers.
  • What are the ad’s weaknesses?
    • One of the weaknesses is the picture. It shows a person doing math on a whiteboard. Granted the ad is about engineering, whiteboards and resumes.
Triplebyte Full
  • What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?
    • My understanding is that Triplebyte is trying to get people to go to their site in order to help people find work with top companies. The ad doesn’t specifically mention what companies but the site landing page does have this information.
  • What was used in the design?
    • One of the obvious designs used is the Golden Ratio, Rule of Thirds, Contrast as well as many others but these are the ones that I wanted to focus on.
    • The first part is the Golden Ratio. If you start the spiral on the person and go counter clockwise it follows the Golden Ratio.
      The second is the Rule of Thirds. This is apparent in the location of the actor, his arm as well as the location of the mathematical equation.
    • The last one that I found is Contrast. That is alway apparent when it comes to having writing on a whiteboard as well as the actor against the white background.
  • What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful?
    • The metrics used will likely be click through rates from Facebook to Triplebyte. The obvious metric would be shares, likes and comments.
Triplebyte Home


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