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What are the video’s strengths?

This video is extremely successful in my opinion because they made it relatable, the overall color of the video is a little more dark and gloomy which makes sense since the shoe is all weather for the rain or snow, and it shows people in many different scenarios wearing the shoes. 

What are the video’s weaknesses?

I personally think that there aren’t a lot of weaknesses, but if I had to say something it would be the fact that the video has only music playing in the background. There aren’t any words on the screen, or some audio in the background, which could make the video come off across a little boring.

What is the video trying to accomplish with its design?

The whole video is mostly in a dark and gloomy type of scenario which as i mentioned before, and it shows that anyone who experiences fall/winter where it’s colder, should be wearing these shoes. Even if it isn’t cold, you should have these shoes. The mood of the video is happy individuals wearing great shoes for any type of outing.

How has the design used: Composition, Fundamentals, Contrast, Lines, Layout, Golden Section, Rule of Thirds, Not 
Half, Swiss Grid or Custom Grids?

There were various elements used during the video but I chose to work with lines. In one specific shot it showed the main image of a woman kicking while wearing the shoe but also a long walk way behind her, using the lines element.

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What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the video is successful?

I found this video on Facebook so it’s success will be measured by likes, shares, and comments.

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