One strength of Ikea’s video is its ability to grab attention. By putting a common modern scene in olden times makes it funny and entertaining. The audience wants to continue watching it to figure out what is going on. Another strength of this video is the lighting and quality of the images. The images are very pleasing to watch, which makes the video more interesting. 

A major weakness I find in this video is how little product it displays. The commercial is more entertaining than anything, which is ok for Ikea because they are such a big name. But, if they had found a way to make the product more memorable it would have been better.

This particular shot of the video shows how well the images were planned out. This image follows the rule of thirds with the painter being predominately in right third and the painting predominately in the left. It also has a good use of contrast that is shown in many places. It is shown in the white shirt against the dark background and the painter’s beard. It is also shown in that the painter side of the image is mostly black and white where the painting side of the image shows colorful reds. Lines are also used very well in this image from where the painter is looking through to his brush. These lead the viewer in to looking at the painting. 

This video would measure its success based on the likes and shares it received on YouTube. 


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