I have been really into watercolor art lately, so I feel like that is the only thing that shows up on any of my social media platforms now! It is fun though to see how other people create their art with watercolors because there are so many ways to do it. I also really like hand lettering so this video shows both of those. 

In this video she is simply painting the letter “d”. It doesn’t seem like much, but you are able to see her technique and design skill with it. Her Instagram page is filled with watercolor designs and her videos are very consistent with the camera angles and colors used. 

Her strengths are simplicity, and video length. If a video is too long people loose interest but this is long enough to show the skill, but short enough to keep the audience captivated. 

A potential weakness is the fact that she is only painting a single letter. People may want to see more in a video. 

I think in her design she is showing the simplicity of watercolors. When I see watercolor art it is typically light, clean, and simple. This is shown just through her painting the single letter. 

This design shows contrast in the white paper background and the bright green, it helps the audience know what to look at. Sometimes I feel there are too many things in the camera view and it can be distracting. But because she is just painting on a white paper, there is stark contrast which helps draw the focus into the design. 

This video is on Instagram and on this social platform likes are not a big metric for videos. The videos are looked at by views, so this particular video has 3,701 views.I would say that is pretty successful!  

Taya Skalla

Taya Skalla

I am studying visual communications at BYU-Idaho. I am a photographer as well. I love working with the Adobe programs to create visual works of art.
Taya Skalla

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