Most people have heard their catchy commercial slogans with people excited to receive items for free shipping from Wayfair, but have you come across their social media? If you haven’t you may be missing other exciting promo’s that are better than free shipping. Let’s take a deeper look at the channel and go over what they did right and what they may still need work in.

What Wayfair Does Right

Consistency – Across all channels is a brand identity that is consistent with logo and banner image of a highlighted product that represents there look and feel. The contrast of bright colors and modern patterns gives a light and airy look. That makes the brand feel fresh offering products that appeal to their demographic. The offer their story and convey that mission to the the reader.

“Take the average store and multiply it by a thousand. Then, add a zillion options in furniture, lighting, cookware and everything in between. That’s Wayfair.”

“Wayfair is your online destination for home furnishings and décor, offering over 8 million products across furnishings, décor, home improvement, housewares and more. Beyond our extensive selection of original looks across ever style and budget, we provide superior customer service and the convenience of online shopping, making it easier than ever to live in a home you love.”

Diversity– When you go to each channel hosted by Wayfair you are offered a different way to interact with your audience. For example, their Pinterest account offers style collections, Google+ offers interactive videos on tips and designs, Facebook highlights specific products and quick motion images to grab the reader’s attention, and Twitter highlights deals and events. Even Instagram offers a cute animal on top of one of their products. It’s important to tailor your specific audience to how they would be using that channel.

Celebrity Collections – A sure way to create some buzz on your channel is to introduce a celebrity guess that will be hosting their items on their show. They also highlight specific collections by those celebrities that can be purchase on Wayfair.

Giveaways – Who does not like a chance to win money? This creative promo by Wayfair tied in the user experience with a hashtag to share their makeovers with a chance to win 10,000 Makeover by Wayfair. This was very successful campaign on Instagram that got people to love and spread the news about the contest. As well as get a chance to share their work and be highlighted on Wayfair’s channels with Regrams.

Customer Engagement – Wayfair has a presence on these channels and responds to customer’s comments. This builds trust with the user and lets them know they are listening no matter what the platform is. This helps build trust in the Brand.

What Still Needs Some Work

While Wayfair does, a good job highlighting current events, I think they lack following current trends. They could highlight a specific style that has a high interest that makes people want to share the post more. Another miss opportunity is presenting a 15-30 second install of a product. They highlighted a cool product “easy peel-and-stick tiles”, but only offered to show the finish look, instead of showing how to install to get to the finish look. If they show the user how easy it is, it makes a bigger impact for the user and likely to be shared more. One biggest complaint about furniture being purchase online is the assembly that is involved when the product arrives. The company could highlight how to put together some of their product offering tips and directions.

What the Brand Accomplish

It’s clear that Wayfair wants to give you many creative ideas to use their products. They want to feel current with trendy colors and celebrity cameos. They build trust with customer engagement by sharing your posts on their channels. This gives the brand a strong presence and lets people know that Wayfair is part of their lives through their décor and home furnishing.