The video I chose for this reverse engineer post is, “Dove Love Your Curls: How can we help girls learn to love their curls.”

I love that video because it talks about a serious problem that girls with curly hair have with their hair. They feel like they are not pretty and I feel like the media has a lot to do with that. The video interviews little girls to ask them how they feel about their hair. All of the girls were honest. When they were responding, I thought of myself because I have curly hair. I remember thatI wanted straight hair because I thought that it would be easier to manage. I thought that if I had different hair I would look prettier. Also my mom had straight, wavy hair. It was nothing like mine. I get my hair from my dad.

The statistic that showed on the screen was that 4 out of 10 girls do not like their hair. Then later in the video the girls walk into a room with their eyes covered and with their moms. The room is filled with all curly hair people singing the song, “We All Love Our Hair.” I believe that was a song that they made up for the video. Everyone was laughing, dancing, having a good time. It showed the little girls that there are other people in the world with your type of hair and they love it. If they love their hair, you can love your hair. 

Then the next statistic was that girls are 7x more likely to love their curls if the people around them do.

All of dove commercials are very strategic in how they keep people in and their target audience is women. It’s about a problem that women all face and then they have a solution for the problem. It’s very relatable. The content is really good in the first 10 seconds and the video is focused on the story then the sale. i can see a lot of people sharing this and they had a goal and met it!



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