The advertisement does a great job of keeping the video brief and the information succinct. It pulls at individuals from all walks of life. The video showcases the companies purpose in connecting individuals with places to stay around the world as they travel and vacation. The video takes you through several well crafted scenes along a “train ride” that is slow enough to easily follow without missing material and details. The locations chosen cover a great variety of places in the world. The scene selections are very strong and allow the brands logo to be placed in great locations that feel natural, yet are easy to spot.


The constantly changing scenery can be a big turn off for some viewers. While the advertisement shows many places in the world and has good music, it is geared towards Americans and would not be as appealing to foreign groups of people. The scenery is well made, but the clay figures and set ups only grant enough detail to convey the ideas. They do not give a great view of the selected locations, pushing the viewer to their website. 


The video does a great job of Using the rule of thirds to keep the viewer’s attention in the center with a major piece of scenery on the left and right hand sides. The scenery pieces flow easily into one another, creating a smooth ride for the viewer as they travel from the perspective of the camera. The miniature design allows for a lot of different scenes to be included with numerous details added. The music remains constant and upbeat, keeping the viewer involved. It gave off a vibe of friendliness and advertising with out it being overbearing. It even includes daily aspects such as a dog, a baby, party decorations, and other details that welcomed the viewer into the life of the miniatures.
























The video has received over 5.5 million views. It currently has over 5 thousand likes and 288 comments. The companies channel has roughly 92 thousand subscribers.The comments are generally positive.


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